Residential real estate valuation in the Tri-state area

Are you looking for residential property appraisal services? We specialize in property valuation of all types of luxury residential properties.  As a reputable real estate appraisal company, we are guided by our internal govergning policies to provide accurate and reliable appraisals backed by the integrity of our professional appraisers.

We have Certified General and Residential Appraisers on staff.  We are committed to delivering the highest quality services to all of our clients.  You can expect accurate and complete residential property appraisal reports every time.  In order to protect your best interests, our highly trained and experienced residential real estate appraisers ensure that your appraisal is handled with confidentiality.

Contact us today for a fee quote and to get more information on our real estate appraisal services. Email or call and speak to one of our dedicated office administrators, (516) 671-1400

Expertise in the Local Real Estate Market

Because we have staff appraisers to cover a wide geographic area, we can delegate assignments based on local area expertise, taking advantage of the appraisers’ geographic competency.

Experienced with High-End Luxury Properties

Our headquarters is located on Long Island, NY, one of the highest per capita income areas in the United States. As a result, we have appraised thousands of luxury homes, condominium units and townhouses with extraordinary amenities including golf courses, movie theaters and equestrian centers to name just a few.

Our proximity to New York City exposes our appraiser to a broad spectrum of property types and the otherwise indiscernible shifts in valuations, that can only be detected with repeated exposure the same buildings and neighborhoods.

New Construction – Retrospective Valuations – Partial Interest Valuations

If you have a special need, look no further. We have done it all including retrospective pricing and projected valuations. Combining two condominium units? No problem. We can provide individual valuations for each unit and a report to project the value of the units combined. We are experienced and knowledgeable about estate valuations, divorce matters and legal actions

We are also an approved appraisal provider for the Unified Court System of New York State, Part 36. Our fiduciary ID is 661194.