Commercial real estate appraisal in the Tri-state area

Are you preparing to purchase or invest in a commercial property? Our experienced MAI designated appraisers will prepare a full commercial narrative and valuation of your property. We take pride in delivering commercial appraisal reports that are backed up with data from reliable industry sources. We have experience with a wide variety of property types including mixed use retail and office space, warehouse and industrial buildings, vehicle service sites and high-end luxury multifamily products.

A full narrative commercial appraisal report will include an overview of the community, local neighborhood and MSA.  In addition, a zoning analysis, and an analysis of the ‘Highest and Best Use’ will be presented. The appraiser may recommend which valuation is most appropriate in his or her opinion. It is advisable to use an appraiser that is experienced and knowledgeable about the area where the property is located.

We will typically turn around a commercial narrative report within 3 weeks of the inspection date, but can accommodate a rush order if needed. Call or email for a fee quote.


The MAI designation is bestowed upon a General or Certified Appraiser after several hours of course study and thousands of hours of documented appraisal reporting experience.  Before receiving the MAI designation an appraiser must take 75 hours of courses and pass several exams on topics such as Advanced Income CapitalizationAdvanced Market Analysis & HBU and Business Practices and Ethics. A college degree and 4,500 hours of specialized work are also required. The MAI designation is revered in the commercial real estate industry and recognized worldwide.

At Frank Ciotta & Associates our MAI appraisers will Quality Assure every commercial narrative appraisal report.